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    L'affiche de l'exposition à l'Hôtel de Ville de Paris.Footprint is firstly a large exhibition in Paris’ mythical City Hall. On the marble of the Salle des Prévôts, and under the watchful eye of the city hall’s she-wolf, we  showed 10 reportages, 10 stories, to put a face to the men and women who are practising energy transition throughout the world.

    Certified COP21, the Footprint exhibition was held during the COP and afterwards : from 28th November 2015 – 8th January 2016. With  its success, Paris mayor decided to extend it until the 30th of january. More than 16 000 people came to see Footprint (Empreinte). 

    The big exhibition will be at “L’oeil en Seyne” festival. From the 1st november to 30 october, Villa Tamaris à la Seyne sur Mer.

    Footprint is also available as a travelling exhibition, printed on tarpaulin. It can be exhibited indoors or outdoors. It will travel round France and abroad as requested.


    For more information

    Contact us at :  (+33) (0)6 09 06 23 79 (Eléonore Henry de Frahan, president of the collective) or eleonore.henrydefrahan@gmail.com

    or Guillaume Collanges

    Tél. : 06 62 69 49 63 Mail : gcollanges@gmail.com

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  • (Français) Exposition itinérante sur bâches

  • opening of the exhibition in Paris.

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