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  • Climate change

    Climate change is the most complex of all the challenges facing humanity. If humankind is responsible for this unprecedented crisis, because of the increase in greenhouse gas emissions caused by industrial production and consumerism, we nevertheless still have the means to limit its effcts. We can fid alternatives that will enable us to continue our development whilst reducing the environmental footprint we leave on the planet.

  •  | Jusuf Wungow harvests on a palmtree for Masarang cooperative in Indonesia.

    Jusuf Wungow harvests on a palmtree for Masarang cooperative in Indonesia.

  • An ecological revolution

    The Collectif Argos is interested in these alternatives, imagined by peasants in the Sahel, American students or mothers living on the Ganges delta. On every continent, in the big cities or the most remote rural areas, men and women have begun to take action to replace coal or oil with renewable energies, to change their relationship with the world and live in better harmony with nature. In their villages, regions and countries, these pioneers of the energy transition are inventing new ways of farming and building homes and of taking advantage of natural resources without depleting them. Their initiatives are laying the foundations for an ecological revolution that is both necessary and salutary. They are showing us that other ways of life are not only possible, but also desirable.

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