• Collectif Argos

  • Founded in 2001, the Argos Collective is a group of seven journalists, photographers Guillaume Collanges, Laurent Weyl, Éléonore Henry de Frahan and Jérômine Derigny, and writers Aude Raux, Cécile Bontron and Guillaume Jan.

    Collectif Argos

    Together they have developed a documentary approach focused on the social and environmental issues facing the world today. Mindful of the need to place human beings back at the heart of
    the public space, they have chosen an approach that takes the time to investigate and work on the ground.

    In 2004, the Argos Collective set offto meet populations who are victims of climate change all over the world. By giving faces and names to this issue, by telling the little stories that make up the bigger story, they put together a series of documentary reports entitled Climate Refugees, which have given rise to several exhibitions in France and Europe, in particular in Copenhagen for COP 15. A book was also published and translated into English by the MIT Press.

    After having shown that climate change impacts us all directly, the Argos journalists set off around the world once more to investigate and seek out the solutions invented by men and women to live in better harmony with our planet.




    Collectif Argos
    19, rue Martel
    75010, Paris – France

    Site: www.collectifargos.com
    Mail : collectifargos@collectifargos.com
    Mobile : +33 (0)6 62 46 31 16

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