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    Each of the ten reportages in the Footprint series presents an original initiative to combat the consequences of climate change, on a local or national level. During 2015, the photographers and journalists of the Argos photography collective met farmers, company managers, mothers and students, all involved in implementing concrete solutions to reduce our environmental footprint. Urban agriculture, eco-friendly transport, passive habitats, circular economy, agroecology, women’s emancipation : each action covered involves a specific theme within the energy transition issue. Each one inciting us to become aware of the possibility and necessity to act in favour of ecological transition, particularly by reducing the impact of human activity on the climate and planet.


    « Empreinte, des initiatives écologiques réussies »
    (Footprint, successful, ecological initiatives)

    Published on 12th November 2015
    Format : 280 x 190, 288 pages, bound, 29,90 €


    The book Footprint is available here :

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    Gibert Jeune

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